Hero Lab

"In 2016, and asteroid hit the earth creating a chain reaction which gave everyone super powers! Everyone except Chris Johnson and Ed Petrie, that is. Only science can help them now! Join Chris and Ed, as they science their way to having super powers!"

Factual comedy for CBBC encouraging children to learn about science. The pilot episode has been produced in collaboration with CBBC Development.


Join Chris as he travels through time, discovering the origins of our not-so-modern conveniences.

10×30′ series

Where was the first toilet installed? Was it really invented by a man called Crapper? Which big bang inspired the first firework? What did we look like before the invention of soap… and more importantly what did we smell like? There’s only one way to find out – TIME TRAVEL!

Chris Johnson, unashamedly CBBC’s biggest geek, has developed a time-portal video-link, named TASI (Time-And-Space-Insensitive). Now he’s off to travel through time, to the past, present and future, discovering the truth behind the technologies we take for granted. Hopping back through history, he’ll soon realise that many familiar modern-conveniences have been re-invented from ancient civilisations. He’ll meet their creators and discover how their inventions work, often with hilarious results. Then using TASI, he’ll fast forward to the future, to investigate the extreme technological heights these mod-cons could be taken to.